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Advanced Power Technologies is a new company creating innovative protection and control products for the Electric Utility Industry. Advanced Power manufactures the following products; an affordable dual probe transformer temperature controller that has built-in calculated winding temperature and LTC conditioning monitoring, single or dual probe ambient temperature controller for automatically changing relay setting groups based on temperature, substation capacitor bank control and ventilation applications.


Manufactures a full line of fiberglass enclosures offering all the advantages of nonmetallic materials including: increased strength, reduced weight, corrosion resistance, non-conductivity, cost savings and ease of installation. These enclosures have been put to the test in hundreds of demanding applications and dozens of industries worldwide. Our commitment to quality and innovation is well known throughout the electrical industry.


Almetek Industries manufactures identification and labeling systems for electric utilities, telecommunications, and other industries. Almetek designs and manufactures both standard and custom designed signs, tags, labels and nameplates. Almetek assists a vast array of companies, organizations and individuals worldwide to develop ID systems that fit their unique needs. From the state-of-the-art laser engravings to CNC high speed routing machines, ALMETEK continues to lead the industry with cutting-edge technology.


Buckingham Manufacturing is primarily responsible for the design and manufacture of climbing and work positioning equipment, fall protection gear, and accessories specifically designed for the electric, telecommunications, cable and professional arborist markets. The company follows all applicable standards including OSHA, ANSI, ASTM, CSA and CE requirements.


CBS Northeast has a large inventory of new, surplus, and reconditioned circuit breakers, switchgear, motor control, transformers, and other power apparatus, along with hundreds of replacement parts. The shop services include supplying from stock repairing , upgrading, and reconditioning, and remanufacturing your electrical equipment from a single circuit breaker to a complete substation, no longer supplied by the original manufacture. Life Extension is their specialty. 


Cementex Products’ continued use of American tools, fabrics and labor set us apart from the imitators and has established us as the trusted safety tool specialists. Since 1950, Cementex has defined its core competence in insulated safety hand tools and safety related products. Cementex is recognized throughout the industry as the only double-insulated hand tool supplier which controls the entire manufacturing process from insulation through testing with an unparalleled commitment to quality and delivery. Cementex prides itself on innovation and the ability to deliver custom solutions to our customers. We are always on the cutting edge of engineering insulated tools, such as designing and manufacturing the only 1000V rated fully insulated adjustable wrench.

Headquartered in Burlington, NJ and recognized as the industry leader, Cementex wants to be your zero-fault supplier of choice for insulated hand tools and associated safety products.


The leading supplier of fiberglass conduit and strut for the electrical and mechanical markets. Our headquarters and manufacturing are located in Spring, TX.


Since 1965, DIS-TRAN, a Crest Industries company, has specialized in the design and supply of high-voltage, open-air substations, switchyards, and transmission lines. In addition to custom built substation projects, DIS-TRAN also offers factory built substations, GEN BUS systems, industrial substations and substations for renewable energy projects. DIS-TRAN's packaging solutions include project management services for complete coordination of structure, equipment and material procurement and logistics; engineering design services including structural design, foundation design, bus design, lightning protection design, ground grid design and lighting design; other services include detailed fabrication and general arrangement drawings, a coordinated bill of material, and on-site consultation services all for a firm, fixed, lump-sum amount.


The Diversified Lift Wise brand includes multiple models of fall-arrest man baskets, industrial products and the Rig Em&Roll.  Our man baskets are designed for accessing high-reach maintenance areas and offer quick attachments to boom trucks, service cranes, knuckleboom cranes and digger derricks.  All provide a convenient, safe alternative to renting aerial lifts, using ladders or climbing on equipment.  Diversified Products has been collaborating with the people on the front line of the utility industry for more than 15 years.  In fact, that’s how we got our start – listening to the specific demands of lineman – and working with them to develop field-tested solutions to make their jobs more efficient, productive and safe.  Diversified Line Wise brand includes a variety of lineman tools, such as energized/static line lifters, auxiliary arms, phase lifters, temporary conductor supports, insulated work platforms and pole pullers.  All of these products have been field-tested and approved by transmission and distribution maintenance professionals.


A global, independent provider of end-to-end power engineering solutions, supporting customers in managing and operating electrical assets. Providing a wide range of instruments for recording, locating, monitoring, measuring, and analyzing Partial Discharge. These instruments include there ULTRA TEV Detector, ULTRA TEV Plus, ULTRA TEV Locator, and the PD HAWK and others. We also have a Cable Data Collector and can perform an analysis on the data.


Ericson Manufacturing Company has been an industry leader that provides products for the safe use and management of temporary power. From our first rubber hand lamp in 1918 (and our patent on the dead-front-back-wired electric plug and connector in 1936) to our recent patents on portable ground fault circuit interrupters, Ericson has built our reputation on the highest quality, state-of-the-art electrical safety products in the industry. Ericson’s product line consists of the following; Temporary lighting, Plugs and Connectors, Temporary Power, GFCI’s, Perma-Sync connectors, IEC 309, Cord Reels, and Pendants.


Federal Signal is the world's largest prime manufacturer of audible and visual signaling devices. Federal Signal is the place to turn when it comes to the critical areas of worker safety and internal plant communications. Federal Signal’s line of products includes visual signals, audible signals, outdoor warning, intercoms, public address, telephony, initiating systems, fire alarms, uninterruptible power supplies, and more.


Transformer Cooling Systems must ensure reliable and efficient heat removal on oil-cooled transformers. For this reason, developing optimum layouts is the focus of our commitment to you. Trust our experience in designing and manufacturing components and systems for this application. To successfully meet this and future challenges, continuous improvement of our products is a top priority of GEA Renzmann & Grunewald GmbH.


Since 1959 Hastings has pioneered design and fabrication of fiberglass products and tools for the electrical power and communications industries. In addition, Hastings' Research and Development talents and manufacturing capabilities are ready to fulfill your special needs from concept to finished fiber glass product. In every way, Hastings hot line tools are made for working in today's toughest field conditions. And with our commitment to innovation, Hastings' tools make that job safer and easier.


Howard Industries' Transformer Division is the USA's leading manufacturer of oil-filled electrical distribution transformers. We manufacture a complete line of distribution transformers from 69kV and below, including single-phase pole-type, three-phase pole-type, single-phase pads, single-phase subsurface, three-phase pads, duplex transformers and unit substations.


Making a difference through innovation with innovative Utility Tools for Lineman. Madi’s changing product portfolio includes the DEVINER, DOUBLE –HEADER, TRI PENTA WRENCH, and the newest addition BRUSHBLADE-The Lineman’s Knife.


Olsun specializes in standard and custom manufactured Dry Type Transformers, Switchgear and Reactors. We currently produce transformers from 5 VA thru 20,000 KVA in voltages through 34.5 KV. Olsun’s current line of products includes the following; Substation transformers to 10 MVA, Pad-mounted transformers, Harmonic mitigating and F-factor transformers, Silica/Resin encapsulated transformers, Cast Coil transformers, Hazardous location transformers, Drive isolation transformers, Load interrupter switches and switchgear, Current limiting reactors and AC reactors, General purpose transformers and Motor starting auto transformers to 7500 hp.


Penn-Union manufactures a wide range of copper and aluminum mechanical and compression electrical connectors and installation tools. Products are designed to meet a wide variety of test criteria and specifications such as UL, CSA, ANSI, NEMA and individual customer requirements.


Phenix Technologies is a leading manufacturer of high-voltage, high-current, and high-power test systems and components. Our test systems are in operation around the world satisfying the testing requirements of our customers for over 30 years.


Phoenix Electric designs and manufactures; dry type air core reactors for operation on systems rated through 800 kV. Phoenix Electric reactors are air cooled, single or multi-layer, cylindrically wound units constructed on weather resistant fiberglass epoxy tubes with all materials chosen to meet the most severe thermal and electrical shocks and cycling requirements. Reactor Types: Current limiting reactors, Filter reactors, Neutral grounding reactors, Transient limiting reactors, Motor starting reactors, HVDC applications, Shunt reactors (size permitting).


Power Design, Inc. is nationally distributed manufacturer of fiberglass utility and industrial enclosures for padmounted switchgear, padmounted enclosures, modular enclosures and cable junction pedestals with a wide range of needs and specifications.


Princeton Tec has been pioneering new technologies and building lights for more than three decades. The company is an industry leader in the manufacture of intrinsically safe headlamps and flashlights. Princeton Tec products are utilized by outdoor enthusiasts, military, police, and industrial customers alike and are engineered and tailored to excel in any situation.


S&C's products are known worldwide for their quality, dependability, and long-term value. The product line is extensive, and includes all types of switching and protection equipment for substations and overhead and underground distribution systems, distribution automation products, power quality products, epoxy components, sensors, and electronic controls.


Sicame is a supplier of various types of connectors for underground applications, PIRANHA Insulation Piercing Connectors, TTD Series Overhead Insulating Piercing Connectors, a full line of Medium Voltage Underground Network Connectors, Including Splices and Indoor and Outdoor Terminations, Cold Shrink, Heat Shrink, Slip On, and Resin –Injected.


SAFT batteries are everywhere providing reliable power in critical situations for backup power engine starting and switchgear applications. SAFT’s line of products include; NiCad batteries, Lead acid batteries, Battery racks and Chargers.


Waukesha is one of the USA's foremost producers of medium and large-size power transformers, compact integrated substations, and a service provider of transformer and substation equipment for electric utilities and industrial/commercial firms. Waukesha is the largest U.S. manufacturer of medium-power (2.5 to 100 MVA) and large-power transformers (up to 800 MVA). Customers include public power and investor-owned utilities, merchant power providers, and industrial/commercial firms.


    Waukesha is the largest U.S. manufacturer of medium-power (2.5 to 100 MVA) and large-power transformers (up to 300 MVA). Waukesha transformers enjoy an enviable reputation for quality and reliability in extended service throughout North America and the world. Customers include public power and investor-owned utilities, merchant power providers, and industrial/commercial firms.


    WES Services is a division of Waukesha that provides emergency repairs, routine maintenance, or power system upgrades, the WES Service team stands as a single-source point of contact for your service, diagnostic and power systems engineering requirements. The Service division provides the following services; Transformer, LTC expertise, Substation painting and encapsulation, Field service equipment, Electric Power Systems Engineering, Reverse Engineering, Low and Medium voltage service, Emergency service.


    HVS has built a strong reputation in North, Central and South America as a leader in reverse engineering, design and manufacturing and is recognized as a leading supplier of OEM replacement parts for circuit breakers and load tap changers, as well as superior customer service.


Telecom & Energy Cable is a subsidiary of Taihan Electric Wire Co., Ltd. Taihan is a leading manufacturer of Underground Extra High Voltage Cable; they recently added a 125 foot VCV tower, the tallest in the world to produce 500KV XLPE cable. Their power cable product line includes; Extra High Voltage cable accessories, GIS epoxy insulated parts, Bare wire for overhead transmission line, XLPE insulated cable, MV 90, URD cable, PVC insulated wire, Building wire, Halogen free fire resistant cable, Trolley wire. Their communications cable product line includes; Optical fiber, Optical cable, OPGW, Fiber optic accessories, communication cable, DATA cable, Wireless communication cable, CATV coaxial cable.


Underground Devices manufactures duct spacers and bore spacers for underground encasement of conduit and nonmetallic cable racking for use in power and communications manholes.


Whatley is a leading supplier of composite lighting poles and ornamental lamp posts specified by utilities, municipalities, developers, electrical engineers, landscape architects and governmental agencies from coast to coast. As part of Valmont Industries Inc., we have the knowledge, expertise and resources to provide the highest quality precision engineered products and services in the industry.

A Manufacturer’s Representative Specializing in Medium And High Voltage Electrial Equipment.

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